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Bookmark examples

default login anonymous
As default, login as 'anonymous' and prompt for password
default anonymous
As default, login as 'anonymous' and automatically supply your email address as password.
local login mhe
Login as 'mhe' on all machines on the local network (machines w/o a '.')
machine login niels
Login as 'niels' on all hosts on domain
machine login slartibartfast cwd ~/fjord
Login as 'slartibartfast' on and start in directory ~/fjord
Identical to the example above, but using an ftp URL instead
machine anonymous
Login as 'anonymous' and automagically supply password from anon_password, connect on non-standard port 4711
machine anonymous cwd /pub/yafc alias yafc
Login anonymously to machine with other name yafc
machine login mhe mech krb4 passive yes alias stacken
Login as mhe using Kerberos 4 authentication, and use passive mode for transfers (overrides the use_passive_mode keyword in the config file)