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Bookmark keywords

Specify the hostname to connect to or a domainname. The hostname can be a valid FTP URL, including username, password, etc. In that case there is no need to specify the corresponding keywords. Using the URL syntax is the only way to specify a non-standard port.

Domainnames should begin with a period, as in This will match any hostname on that domain, except for hostnames explicitly mentioned with another machine keyword. You can not specify an alias name for a domain entry.

Specifies another (verbose) name for the bookmark, like ruby instead of This is the name that will be shown in the tab completion list. Valid only after a machine statement.
If an entry begins with local, it specifies how to login to all ocal machines. Local machines are unqualified hostnames (ie, hostnames without a period.)

This can be overridden with an entry for a specific machine.

The default entry is used when no other machine or local keyword matched. It can be used to login anonymously to all unknown sites.
Specify the username.
Try an anonymous login, uses anon_password.
Specify the password, if required.
Specify account name. Not fully supported, anyone using it?
This keyword specifies a startup directory on the remote server. Yafc changes the current directory when logged in.
The prot keyword sets the Kerberos data protection level. Valid protection levels are safe, clear and private.

This is a no-op if not compiled with Kerberos.

List the preferred security mechanisms to use. This is the same as default_mechanism, except it is only used for this machine.
Boolean option requiring an argument (true/false). If true, use passive mode in data transfers, regardless of the value of use_passive_mode in the configuration file.