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Yafc will parse a system-wide configuration file, /etc/yafcrc, first. Then, personal settings are read from ~/.yafc/yafcrc (overriding the global ones). If none of those files exists, internal defaults will be used.

The --dump-rc option of Yafc can be used to dump the default configuration file to standard output. You can create your own config file with the command yafc --dump-rc > ~/.yafc/yafcrc. You can customize it with your favourite editor, it should be quite self-explaining if you read the comments.

Yafc also looks for ~/.netrc, and reads autologin information from that file. This file is also used by the standard ftp client.

Yafc uses the Readline library to read commands from the terminal, and Readline can be configured via the ~/.inputrc file. In this file you can put keybindings and Readline-oriented options. You can use $yafc for conditional parsing of the ~/.inputrc file. A sample inputrc file is included in the distribution.