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Transfer codes

These codes can be used in the transfer strings. For all codes, there may be an optional minimum field width. This is an integer between the '%' and the code character. For example will %17v be expanded to a visual progress bar with length 17. If the field width if negative (start with a minus), the string is left-justified, so using %-20S will show the total size, padded with spaces to 20 characters.

source filename
source filename w/path
target filename
target filename w/path
size transferred so far
total size (if available)
ETA (time left)
percent transferred so far
percent sign
transfer rate (Bps)
transfer rate (Bps) or "stalled" if stalled
time elapsed
visual progress bar


transfer_string "%5p%% [%{\e[32m%}%25v%{\e[0m%}] %s/%S ETA %{\e[32m%}%e%{\e[0m%} %B"