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List files.


ls [options] [files ...]


Do not hide entries starting with '.'.
As --all, but do not list . and ..
Do not list implied entries ending with ~.
List entries by columns.
Control whether color is used to distinguish file types. WHEN may be either never, always or auto. If WHEN is not given, default is always. If the argument is auto, colors will be used only if output is bound to a tty.
List directory entries instead of contents.
Show directories first (last with --reverse).
Append a character for typing each entry.
Inhibit display of group information.
Print sizes in human readable format (e.g. 1K, 234M, 2G)
Use a long listing format.
Print raw entry names (don't treat control characters specially)
Use a long listing format without group info. Same as -lG.
Reverse order while sorting.
List subdirectories recursively.
Sort by file size
Sort by modification time.
Do not sort; list entries in directory order.
List entries by lines instead of by columns.
Sort alphabetically by entry extension.
List one file per line.
Show a short syntax description.