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Opens a new connection to an FTP/SSH server.

Usage: open [options] [proto://][user[:password]@]hostname[:port][/directory] ...

proto can be either 'ftp' or 'ssh' ('sftp' is an alias for 'ssh')


Try to login anonymously.
Disable autologin.
Disable bookmark alias lookup and abbreviation.
Try security mechanism MECH when logging in. This will override any 'mech' options in yafcrc or bookmarks. MECH is a colon-separated string, supported values are "krb4", "krb5" and "none". The mechanisms are tried in the order specified.
Specify path to the remote sftp-server program. SSH starts this program on the remote side when initiating an sftp connection. This option is only necessary if the remote ssh server doesn't understand the sftp subsystem.

Specify --sftp="" to disable the sftp-server path, and use sftp subsystem instead.

If you don't know the remote path to the sftp-server program, the default for OpenSSH is /usr/libexec/sftp-server. Another common path is /usr/bin/sftp-server.

Show a short syntax description.